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Quality guided waterfowl and spring turkey hunts since 1998
What licenses do I need?
To hunt ducks in Virginia you will need a VIrginia small game license, a Virginia Migratory Conservation Stamp, a Federal Migratory Stamp, and a Harvest Information Program (HIP) number. All of which can be purchased online at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fishery's website. 

What gear do I need to bring?
You will need to bring your own ammo, shotgun, and waders or hip boots if you have them. We recommend a simple set up; a floating gun case for your weapon it helps protect your gun during travel to and from the blind, a modest size blind bag or knapsack for your ammo, snacks, cell phone, hand warmers, water etc.,please no plastic bags.  A headlamp is very useful tool. This simple set up allows you to travel light and is very helpful to us. Remember we are not deer hunting everything should be camo. 

Can I bring my dog?
Yes we allow clients to bring their dogs provided they are well behaved. Hyper dogs can create an unsafe environment inside the blind.

Where do we meet and what time?
We launch out of the Dumfries area to access our southern hunting grounds and Woodbridge to access our northern areas for the most part when hunting on the Tidal Potomac River. An exact location and time will be given at the last minute due to the fact that we want the best scouting and weather information possible for your trip.

What type of ammo and shot sizes should I bring?
As for brands we like Hevi-Metal, Winchester, and Black Cloud. Best all around size for both geese and ducks is No.2's, if just targeting ducks we recommend No.3's and if its early season even No.4's. If it is strictly a field hunt for Canada geese then BB's would be the choice. Remember the law allows you to only use steel or the high density loads for waterfowl, lead shot is strictly prohibited.

How much do the licenses and stamps cost to hunt waterfowl?
A Virginia Resident  License (16 and older) costs $23.00, the state stamp costs $10.00, and the Federal Stamp purchased on the VDGIF website is $27.50. Virginia Resident Junior License (12-16-years old) $8.50
A Non Resident Virginia 3-day License (16 and older) costs $60.00, the state stamp $10.00, and the Federal Stamp purchased on the VDGIF website is $27.50. HIP numbers are free of charge. Non Resident Virginia Junior License (12-16-years old) $16.00

How much do the licenses and stamps cost to hunt spring turkey?
You must have a Virginia Resident License plus a deer/turkey license (16 and older) to hunt turkey in Virginia. A Resident License costs  $23.00 and the deer/turkey license costs $23.00. Virginia Resident Junior License (12-16-years old) $8.50
A Non Resident 3-day Virginia License costs $60.00 and a Non Resident deer/turkey license (16 and older) costs $86.00.  
Non Resident Virginia Junior License (12-16-years old) $16.00

What type of clothing should I wear?
Dress for the season, in September shorts are fine, and its the one time that you don't even have to wear waders if you don't mind getting a little wet from the knees down or a little muddy. However beginning in October if you are not wearing waders anything you have on from the waist down should be waterproof to protect you from dog shakes. In the winter months dress warm you can always remove clothing, but you can't put it on if you don't have it. The market is flooded with light weight material that is very warm. Please wear camo, tan, or brown clothing, ducks and geese can see color better than you. Please leave the blazed orange at home.

Do I really need my waders?
I'm going to answer this with a little humor. If you're a duck hunter you wear waders, they are a part of you, put them on September 1 and don't take them off till January 31, wear them to the office, out to dinner, and even to bed. If you have them yes bring them, you never know what circumstances we may run into given the fact that we hunt tidal water. If you are new to duck hunting then you get a pass, we will work around the wader situation. Once a person figures out they want to be more than a casual duck hunter purchase a good set of waders, they keep you warm and dry.

How long do we hunt?
Our standard waterfowl hunts are 5-hour trips either in the morning or afternoon. For morning hunts we start around 5am and stop around 11am. Afternoons we start around 1pm and go till around 6pm For all day hunts we start around 5am break for lunch then go back out till around 6pm.

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